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Can You Turn A Gas Fireplace Into A Wood-Burning One?

If you love the smell of wood-burning while you are curled up next to a fire, you need to consider converting your gas fireplace to a wood-burning. We all know that there is nothing more quite like curling next up to a fire, especially on a cold winter night. However, there are times that you surely miss the smell and sounds of real burning wood when the flickering flames come into a gas log. That is why some people choose to convert their gas fireplace into a traditional wood-burning stove.

Though gas fireplace/stove offers convenience, they are very easy to use and are similar aesthetics to a traditional wood-burning, there are still a lot of people who consider and have an urge to convert their gas fireplace to a wood-burning because they can’t surely get the full effect when using a gas fireplace.

Before you take an action, there are a lot of important things you need to consider before you convert the gas fireplace into a wood-burning one because dealing with remodeling is never be too safe. Here are some things you need to consider because you can surely turn the gas fireplace into a wood-burning one.

  • You should know first your situation. Some homeowners who wanted to remodel their gas fireplace into a wood-burning one knows that it requires a lot of work than others.
  • After knowing the situation, you need to get the approval of remodeling it. You need to check with your community to figure out if there are any building codes, especially permits that you need to abide by before remodeling it.
  • Have your chimney inspected before going through remodeling. When you already have a chimney that is associated with your gas fireplace, you just need to inspect it before you need to start the remodeling. Take note that the chimney is the most important factor of a wood-burning fireplace so you can’t let this forget and slip-through your mind and hands.
  • After you check all the factors that are needed to check before remodeling your gas fireplace, you can remodel it and turn it into a wood-burning one. Remember that converting and remodeling it takes a process and extreme action to detail and skill.