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Why Do More Veterans Develop Mesothelioma Than Other Groups?

Behind the Disease

Once called the “miracle mineral”, asbestos is now considered one of its cancer causing properties. This kind of mineral is known for its microfibers that are soft, durable, dense, and indestructible. These microfibers when inhaled can enter one’s body and if too much exposure can form a tumor within the body and can cause a cancerous tumor. 

One of the diseases caused by asbestos is mesothelioma. This kind of cancer is rare and aggressive. It will take up to 20-50 years to build up the cancer in the human body. It targets a specific lining in the lungs, chest wall, abdomen or even heart. When we are talking about this kind of disease, veterans and mesothelioma are almost always partnered. This is because statistics shows that most mesothelioma cases are veterans that make them the larger group of people with this kind of cancer. The prevalence of asbestos everywhere, especially in most occupations that are responsible for construction, insulation, or electrical work, railroad, military services, automobile services, aircraft services,  manufacturing facilities, cement, wall and tiles manufacturers, textile, household appliances and many more are the main cause of everything. People in these fields are prone to the mineral asbestos because the materials they used in a certain product or tools or machineries are composed of asbestos. That is why veterans in these fields are the one who will suffer or now suffer in mesothelioma cancer. 

Mesothelioma can have different types that depend on the target part of your body. Though this kind of cancer is rare it is still a kind of cancer that will limit one’s life. Treatments are always on the options of the patient but it will not guarantee anything. Though in some cases when the cancer is early diagnosed, treatments such as surgery and therapy will remove the cancer cells, but in most cases fail.